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MeetingWave was created with the strong belief that networking with new people is the single most important thing you can do if you are looking for a new opportunity. Our tool connects you with new people, allowing you to build new real, valuable relationships with other professionals, employees, clients, partners or mentors.

MeetingWave helps you target exactly who you want to meet, so you don't waste your time. Moreover, our features allow our members to control who they meet, as well as to protect their identity online. Meetings are only confirmed if everyone agrees to meet and your name and contact info are private until you are ready to exchange business cards. Finally, our professional focus helps members quickly connect with others with similar interests and goals.


MeetingWave was initially launched by TTB Technologies, LLC, a company founded for the purposes of creating, developing, licensing and commercializing new technologies and intellectual property.

Since June 2011, Intelegencia Analytics Pvt. Ltd., an information technology services company based in New Dehli, India, has managed the development, marketing and further commercialization of the platform.  TTB Technologies, LLC retained equity and an advisory role.

Founder John Boyd made the OnePercentPledge donating 1% of his equity in MeetingWave to a philanthropic effort.

Please take a moment to read Our Blog. Many frequently asked questions are addressed there, as well as ideas about how our members are using MeetingWave everyday.

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