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The Sense sleep monitor raised nearly as much on Kickstarter as the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset tracking usps onlineTrackingMr Proud - who was born in London - gave up plans to go to university to create the gadget and moved to California after receiving a grant from Peter tracking Thiel the Silicon Valley entrepreneur who co-created PayPal and now acts as an adviser to President TrumpThe Briton had originally planned to create a wearable sleep-tracking gadget
But he switched focus to create a table-top device after deciding that this would make customers more likely to keep using it
We spend a third of our day [asleep] he told the BBC in It's the most critical part of the day
He managed to attract money from other big name backers including ex-Twitter chief executive Dick Costolo Facebook's virtual reality vice-president Hugo Barra and Spotify's head of special projects Shakil Khan
But Sense struggled against competition from bigger brands including Withing's Aura sleep-tracking alarm clock and Fitbit's sleep-tracking wristwear
In addition Apple acquired another rival Beddit
Kickstarter can give you a good basis to get your product off the ground and an awful lot of PR but translating that into a successful commercial product is difficult said Ben Wood from the CCS Insight tech consultancy
Going to the next level finding more funding and getting backing - or a takeover offer - from a big company is often the lifeline that these companies need to keep going
The failure has not deterred another British entrepreneur currently using Kickstarter to raise funds for a new sleep-

tracking device

In an interesting reversal of the usual pattern of Trump saying something confusing and his staff trying their best to clarify it the president began Friday with a fairly unambiguous declaration “I am being investigated for firing the FBI director” he tweeted the first time he had made such an admission before complaining that the person doing the investigation was “the man who told me to fire
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the FBI director” It was still a bit of a confusing statement it was unclear whether he was referring to Rosenstein who appointed Mueller and provided some of the official justification originally used by the administration to justify firing Comey or to Mueller himself
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A source close to Trump’s legal team only muddied the waters by insisting to the Guardian that nline tracking “the president was not confirming the investigation He was referring to the Washington Post story from the other night that was based on illegal anonymous leaks” By that time Trump was heading to Miami to announce a partial reversal of Barack Obama’s opening with Cuba Trump said he was tracking “cancelling the last administration’s completely one-sided deal with Cuba” although in reality most of it stays in place






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