Township Fans Meeting 

What is Township?

The title of this browser game (township) is a comma derived from the word town and the last syllable of the word "friendship" (friendship). The advertising slogan is: build a city, build a friendly relationship.Games that rely on building the city for a long time will be mass-produced, we can be sure. The township is another product for Facebook and Android users as well as IOS, where you will become the mayor of a virtual city.

Difficult beginnings? The tutorial will guide us.
The tutor from the tutorial immediately after launching the game is going to familiarize us with aspects of township farmers. This element is a characteristic feature of the production - plowing, sowing, harvesting, processing raw materials into finished products. This is the path we know from farm games. The whole process requires an investment of time and money, but well done will pay off, and will also provide the township residents with the necessary goods. At the beginning of the game, we only need to sell raw agricultural produce. Later we will require more money, and we can look for township cash generator.

The township is also a factory that produces building blocks for further houses and road infrastructure, tasks to be completed. Thanks to the functions, you will get to know the options and possibilities of a township. The chain of links between the various activities is quite intuitive: in the fields, we plant or plant the plants that produce. From the cereal in the mill will be flour, from which fragrant baked bread will be baked in the bakery,

A township is a fresh, colorful and refined graphic and sound layer and addictive gameplay for long hours. You can recommend it. All the more so because almost every language version of this exciting browser game is available on social networks.

Key tips for success in the game:
The purpose of the game: Game management of the town and the farm. You have to do a variety of tasks focusing on cultivating and developing urban space.
Rules of the game: Build more and more buildings so that all citizens have a place to live, and also grow and harvest all kinds of plants. Yields can be sold, and the money earned in this way is spent on the development of the farm and the city.

Play the game: Join the game of building a town and running a farm. The player has to complete various tasks. You can play with friends from Facebook. Invite as many social community pimps as they can help you grow your city later. Sub-players have taken care of prizes for referring users. By asking your friends from social networking sites, you can be more successful in the game, and your city will prosper.


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