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Seminar on importance of cocaine testing

Tests to determine the amount of cocaine in certain products have become quite necessary in recent years. This is so in order to safeguard the health of human beings from getting harmed with excessive or harmful substances that might be contained in products. The cocaine purity tests are being conducted in various labs and every person on a cocaine diet on a regular basis should be well acquainted with this.

Keeping this into consideration, a two day seminar on importance of cocaine testing will be held on 5th November 2016. The seminar will be absolutely free to attend and has been organized by a collaboration of few societies. Over the course of these couple of days attendees will be able to gain vital information about cocaine testing and its significance.

Objective of the seminar
- To educate the participants on the implications of cocaine testing in consumer products

Date of the seminar
- November 5, 2016

- First Day: 9AM – 3PM
- Second Day: 10AM - 3PM

What to bring?
- Notepad and pen/laptop

What will be taught?
- Introduction to cocaine testing
- Important facts about cocaine
- Different testing materials and products
- Lessons on the different test kits available in the market
- There will also be live demonstrations on how to test for cocaine in products and how to identify the presence of the permissible amount of cocaine.

The total participant intake has been limited to 60 persons. Registration is free but interested persons are requested to contact the website as soon as possible to learn how they can register. Details about the venue will be published on a later date.

The seminar is open to anyone interested in learning more on cocaine testing and the practical way of doing it using available testing kits. For more information please go to

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