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Awareness seminar on Decennial Liability Insurance

In France, like in many other nations, there is a certain provision or law that exerts pressure on the building companies and its workers to deploy their contracted duties in the best possible way. This is called the ‘Decennial Liability Insurance’ or in French terms ‘Garantie Decennale’.

While many people are aware of the ins and outs of the decennial liability insurance and the necessary provisions that are covered by it, there are certainly lots amongst the public that are non-conscious about them.

A one-day free seminar by an organization that works with local insurance agencies has been scheduled to be held on Saturday, the 8th March 2017.

Details of the seminar-
Date & time: 8th March 2017, 1st session (9AM – 12PM), 2nd session (12:30PM - 3PM)
Venue: Yet to be announced
Registration and Entry fees: Free registration and entry
Participants intake: 40 people

Topics to be covered in the seminar
- Introduction to decennial liability insurance
- How decennial liability insurance works
- Required information for insurers
- The general working standards of the decennial liability insurance
- Steps to finding the most appropriate insurance agency

Advantages of attending the seminar
- Enhance one’s understanding and the technical aspects of decennial liability insurance
- Understand the different terms related to the decennial guarantee
- Get acquainted with the present laws and provisions concerning the insurance
- Get trained and lectured from some experienced professionals and experts
- Free of cost

Drinking water and light refreshment will be offered as complimentary by the seminar organizers. Participants are asked to bring their own notebook/notepad/paper and pen though. For more detailed information seminar and update on the venue interested individuals can check out the website

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