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Seminar on doTERRA Essential Oils

In the present context more and more people are returning to effective natural solutions in order to maintain their health. There are many companies today that have created health and wellness products. doTERRA is one such brand that has managed to bring to the table a potent selection of essential oils.

Matt and Alicia Triplett, the well-known doTERRA experts will be putting together an event, basically a seminar wherein attendees will be enlightened more on the doTERRA essential oils and their benefits.

Date and time: Friday, the 7th of April 2017, 2PM - 4PM
Venue: To be announced later
Registration and fee: Free to attend seminar but interested person must book their seats. On door registration will be available as well

Description: The seminar will empower attendees to use essential oils in order to optimize health and well-being. They can be used as effective plant-based medicine as well as for daily emotional support like stress, anxiety, motivation, and so on. Matt and Alicia will be covering the following topics:
- Introduction to doTERRA essential oils
- Explanation on natural oils as a great form of medicine
- General effects of essential oils on the emotions through the limbic system
- Healing capabilities of doTERRA essential oils
- Primary uses of the essential oils and how to integrate them into daily lifestyle

They will also exhibit how a person can join the doTERRA team as a Wellness Advocate and earn income, discounts, bonuses, etc. Attendees will also get free samples and products from doTERRA.

What to bring
- Pen and paper/notepad

What the organizers will provide
- Drinking water, doTERRA business manuals, products catalog

Any form of alcoholic drinks, drugs, and tobacco will be prohibited inside the venue. Registrations for the seminar can be done online by visiting the link doterra

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