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Blue Waffles

Blue Waffles Disease – Pictures, Symptoms, Causes and Treatment
Blue Waffle
Blue Waffle: There is a new term blue waffles disease. It is a condition that affects women only. This is an infection of the vagina making it look like a blue-green and violet grotesque. However, there is no medical proof that this condition exists and probably a parody and fake illness OMG !! Blue Waffles is a blam disease. Blue Waffle disease affects a very dirty condition Blam women and a very dirty smelly discharge influx Blam. General blam tears and cracking of the skin on the infected area around the Blam. The disease spreads to Blam also very painful and caused a sensation in the body.

According to doctors: Inflammation of the very painful and unbearable Blam.

Doctors in Survey: The disease is typically observed in prostitution and prostitutes who indulge in the activities of unprotected sex, the use of sex toys and prostitution are the main cause of the disease.

In the language of physicians, Blue Waffles disease is defined as battered cake or infection of the blue color from pink or red woman, often extreme damage to the female-bang.

Prevention is the cure for the disease of the upper Blue Waffles and risky sex should be avoided to keep away from the disgusting and pathetic condition. Condoms should be used for Waffle Blue can also be converted disease.

Transcript of BLUE WAFFLES:

STD(STIs or STDs) BLUE WAFFLE Gaby A. White Ale is basically a slang term for an extremely unpleasant or severe / ETS in the vagina vaginal infection. The infection can cause damage to the outside of the vagina, as well as bruising, which causes it to look blue. BLUE WAFFLES A weak immune system or low resistance to disease is one of the main reasons contributing to blue waffle infection. Secondly, stress and poor diet or low diet are some other factors that may result in this vaginal infection. Wearing tight underwear or use feminine hygiene sprays can also cause infection. Causes and Symptoms
Symptoms and Signs of Blue Waffle Infection:

Quite possibly the most asked about the Blue Waffle Infection now the concern is perhaps what triggers it. However, let’s be sure to observe several of the possible factors behind this disease. One of the main reasons why some infections arise is certainly weakening the immune system that brings down the system of protection of our own body system. The potential target is actually “vaginitis” – a vaginal irritation poor diet regime. Irritating underwear, in addition to heavy use aerosol hygiene is often another reason, too. Like many other sexually transmitted diseases, the blue waffle certainly can be transmitted between partners. That’s the reason protected sexual activities must be put to use.

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