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Invest in Yourself!

These are not times to start buying things that we don't need. For that reason we think twice before spending money. But we think more than five times before investing in us even when it's a matter of health. In this event we will show you how hard reality hits when you don't treat your medical issues on time, when you treat yourself last, and the importance of choosing the right doctors (with credentials).

Who is the event for?
This event is for every individual that wants to get informed in the matter of surgery and the research for the best doctors and hospitals. Investing in you for a better life.

Event details
It's a three hours event, followed by a Q&A and a fair.

8:00am-8:30am - Arrival and greeting
8:30am-10:30am- Exposition followed by Q&A
10:30am-11:00 am- Fair

Semi formal- No sport clothes

Ticket price
$7 per person

What I should expect of this conference?
To be able to look for the right doctors, know the reasonable prices and to feel better with your investment.

We have treated many patients for a large variety of reasons like: birth defects, accidents, injuries, face issues, correct aging, breathing problems and chronic infections (sinus, snoring & sleep).The procedures for sinus, allergy, snoring & sleep, Pediatric ENT, thyroid Philadelphia become less invasive each time. The traditional procedures are becoming a thing of the past, and not only because of the duration. The time of recuperation is accelerated in the less invasive method. The estimated time of recovery depends on the procedure but it's usually one or two weeks.
Dr. Schrader have ten years of experience, six of those in private practice while in Princeton.

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