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“5 Best bowling balls” list Announced for beginner

Bowling balls elevate the gaming features to a high level and choosing the best bowling balls, and the right ones are essential. Sports experts are of the view that the right ball can help create fire in the game as it ensures consistency while the good ones also stay away from wear and tear.
In regards to the announcements made by experts about the best bowling balls 2017, the market is said to have hit with five best bowling balls and under it comes the Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball which is found in five different color shades and is said to weigh from ten to 16 pounds. These balls are also reported to be the best for beginners. The next in line that has made waves in the news is the Pyramid Path Rising Pearl Bowling Ball. This bowling ball is marked as an entry-level ball and had hit the market after taking years of observation, research and core study. The Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball is a 3-piece core and has entered the list for being the most ideal in entry-level and recreational bowlers. Placed at the fourth place in the list is the Columbia 300 Nitrous Bowling Ball which has multi -style approach and is reported to be a perfect boost in the game. In the fifth position is the Pyramid Antidote Bowling Ball that comes in five different weights, making it possible to choose the one most suitable. It is a New Era 149 Symmetric core ball with 12 pounds to 16 pounds and has paved its position among the best bowling balls 2017. For more information visit

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