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Leading Culture Exchange blog kicks up storm with

As a commendable authority on culture and traditions, Culture Exchange is now celebrated as one of the leading blogs on information and knowledge in this field. Its latest post on Mesopotamian inventions has carried it straight to the top of some of the most read blog articles on the internet.
The blog’s recent post has been celebrated by most academic communities for increasing its readership outside of its community. Commonly referred to as the cradle of civilization, the revival of the information on the place has sensitized many people about the roots of civilization on which humankind has started. The article discusses many distinct concepts which are quite easily recognizable by most of the people of the world. This is also the civilization where the wheel was invented for the first time. The first wheels of the world are believed to have been crafted around the era of 3,500 BC in this very region. What initially started as a tool for irrigation, making pottery and milling is now used in every aspect of human life possible. Following which it eventually led to the creation of the popular chariot. The blog has also been lauded for bringing forth the information that although it is widely talked about knowledge that wheel was invented for the first time in Mesopotamia, it was only in 2002 that the oldest physical wheel was found in Slovenia. Other notable inventions from the region is now extensively talked about as pointed out by the Culture Exchange Blog. It is also now accepted fact that the Sumerians were the first to introduce writing. Commonly known as the ‘Cuneiform’, academicians to today still use this script as a reference point for all of their studies. The first forms of writing are accepted to be in pictographic form, using very limited characters. Go here for more details.

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