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Perfume experts recommend feromones for higher dat

It has been reported that the modern individual today is approaching love with science. Many companies today are offering perfumes that promises to attract the opposite sex without much effort. Regular users of the feromones have reported that they have experienced a higher number of proposals from the opposite sex. A leading brand made in Greece offers the three main ingredients essential for all feromone products. It includes the androsterone, androstenol and androstenone. The brand is currently one of the best selling products in the international market.

The product has managed to gain a lot of customers after the introduction of four new ingredients which are generally not available in its other counterparts. As a never before used ingredient in the history of perfumery, the product surprisingly becomes one of the best sellers in the market. It is reported that the total content of feromone in each bottle is 10 mg. Many users have reported that it is already great on its own. However, experts have recommended that it is even more effective when users are able to combine it with the other feromone products which in particular has more androstenone. For easy usage, the product has been introduced in gel packs which are not oily at all and can be applied quite easily.

It is commonly mixed with a light smelling musk fragrance and works just fine when applied alone. The recommended amount of spray is two or more in the usual application spots on the body. Although an odorless chemical, scientific tests have revealed that it is detected through a small organ which is located inside of the nose. It is said that the human body naturally produces feromones on a daily basis. However, science has proven that those men and women who are able to produce more amount of feromones usually have a greater success in attracting mates of the opposite sex. For more information please visit

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