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New Sodastream machine introduces high end sophist

The advent of the new year 2018 has welcomed a significantly different and more expensive SodaStream machine for the dedicated home soda maker. The new product features a top sleek design with a glass bottle.

Buyers have highly appreciated the new design because it enables them to wash the bottle quite easily with the help of the dish washer machine. For people who are trying to get away from the BPA plastic bottles, it has become a great alternative. The manufacturers have announced that users will no longer have to worry about the chemical content simply because of the fact that it is replaced by glass. The crystal soda maker is now considered as one of the higher end products when it comes to SodaStream products. It has been renovated with a higher level of durability, making the purchase highly worthwhile. The product is currently rated as the list of best SodaStream models in leading review sites like Appliance Critic. The brand is currently a well known name across the globe. It offers a varied number of products that fit the style and preferences of different people across different cultures and backgrounds. People who have invested in the product have given rave reviews, rating it as a definite payoff for the money. Despite the high level sophistication, it is quite easy to use and maintain. Besides the great features, it has been listed as one of the kitchen appliances that add an elegant design to the home d├ęcor. The design has been carefully planned to fit all types of kitchen forms and styles. Additionally, it helps home owners to make nice and very delicious carbonated drinks any occasion. As a sparkling water maker, it comes wrapped in Titan stainless steel, featuring a 60 liters CO2 carbonator mail-in rebate. It has been enough to make enough drinks for large gatherings without refilling it. For more information please visit

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