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Holistic Health & Wellness

Life is too much overloaded now a days and it increases the stress and anxiety among the people because of overwork. Depression is one of the most common disease all across the World today and it is increasing day by day. This meetup is organized to aware the people about the holistic approach for good health and fitness not only from outside but also from inside the body.

The attendees will come and learn about the holistic lifestyle that will lead towards love and kindness. The most important thing is that people will be able to control their emotions and control their minds. They will be able to relax themselves in every situation of life either it is bad or worst. I hope, people will come and enjoy this meetup.

Organizer's Website: Holistic therapies in Belfast


Multilingual Songwriters and Poets MeetUp

Multilingual Songwriters and Poets is a group of songwriters and poets that conduct the different meeting to welcome newbies in the field. However, we are conducting an event with the following agenda:

Native English writers and poets would give quality tips to non-native writers who want to publish their novels, songs or books. Participants would able to ask their questions from our experts.

Good tips would also give in the terms to improve poetry writing skills as well.

Entire event would be conducted in a very friendly environment. Coffee would also be presented to participants.

Eliana Brininger - Event Manager at Free Spoken English Tutorials

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